Making it Big

The Chaotic Training Center and Killer Kowalski's School of Pro Wrestling offers its students numerous avenues and opportunities to be successful in the sports entertainment industry. Many current as well as former students have received national and international exposure through various media outlets including WWE Programming. Take a look at the success our students have had:

Notable Graduates of Killer Kowalski's:

  • Triple H Current WWE Superstar, former multi-time WWE Champion
  • Kofi Kingston Current WWE Superstar
  • Kenny Dykstra (Ken Phoenix) Current WWE Superstar
  • Roxxi Laveaux (Nikki Roxx) - Current TNA Knockout
  • Kaz (Frankie Kazarian) Current TNA Wrestler
  • Perry Saturn Former WWE, WCW and ECW Superstar
  • Albert Former WWE Superstar
  • Chris Nowinski Former WWE Superstar
  • Idol Stevens Former WWE Superstar
  • Chad Dick (Billy Kryptonite) Former WWE Superstar
  • Palmer Canon (Brian Black) Former WWE Superstar

Our Students get National Exposure:

  • Todd Smith WWE Programming and PWI Magazine
  • Bryan Logan WWE Programming, PWI Magazine and 2006 ECWA Super 8 Tournament
  • Matt Logan WWE Programming, PWI Magazine and 2007 ECWA Super 8 Tournament
  • Brian Fury PWI Magazine and 2007 Super 8 Tournament
  • Tommaso Whitney WWE Programming
  • Max Pelham WWE Programming

Our Students perform with the best:

  • Brian Milonas Vince McMahon, John Cena, Kofi Kingston, Demolition Smash, Kamala, Bob Orton, Tony Atlas
  • Todd Smith Scotty 2 Hotty, Charlie Haas, Low Ki, Simon Diamond, Doug Basham, Eugene, Nunzio, D-Lo Brown, Chris Sabin, Kamala, Bob Orton, Sylvester Terkay
  • Tommaso Whitney The Undertaker, Jamie Noble, Simon Diamond
  • Max Pelham Eugene